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Disclaimer: Information is for individual education. Treatments are to be approved by each individual's physician of choice and are intended as an adjunct to medical treatment.  For serious health issues, please consult your physician.

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THERAPEUTIC TUNE-UP BOOK Perfect for introduction to therapeutic massage. Session is designed to focus upon specified zones of the body, such as back and glutes, shoulders and neck area. These areas are targeted to relieve pain and/or stress. 25m table time (30m).. Price: $50.00*  THERAPEUTIC BOOK This session incorporates many different techniques that will address the issues your body is dealing with. Each session is customized to your comfort level and areas of concern. No two sessions will ever be alike. (50m table time) (60m)..Price: $75.00 *(+$35 each additional 30m) CHAIR MASSAGE BOOK Your session will focus upon your expectations for receiving massage therapy along with getting to know your therapist. You will receive body work that will last approx 15-20. This is perfect for the person who is skeptical about massage, someone who has already received massage but did not like it, would like more information about the services TBS can offer you and your body..Price: $30.00*
DEEP THERAPEUTIC BOOK  This session is for deeper tissue structures of the muscle and  fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses  many of the same movements and techniques as our Therapeutic  massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is  also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to  release chronic muscle tension or knots (or "adhesions.").  Therapist may use feet, knees, forearms,elbows, knuckles,  or tools to achieve this session. 60m table time (70m) Price: $95..00* (+$45 each additional 30m)   THERAPEUTIC LIGHT TOUCH BOOK  This session is a very powerful healing session utilizing the sense  of touch. This touch works with the C-Tactile Nerve Fibers,  these fibers are responsible for sending the brain signals of  relaxation, positive emotions and feels. This session to stimulate  the nerves at a rate of 1 to 10 centimeters per second. This is a  no pressure massage session. 50m table time(60m)..Price: $85..00 *  (+ $40  each additional 30 min)   CHILDREN MASSAGE  (17 & under) * BOOK  These sessions are customized to there body, light to medium  pressure. Parents are welcome to sit in the room with them, and  must sign consent form prior to session.  (30m)........ $40.00*                                                                  (60m).........$55.00* *If you book on-line please enter adult information and in comment the child’s  age and name. 1 № *Prices subject to change                      * $5.00 cash discount on massage services. 3 № 4 № OUR SERVICES Home Services Appointment Request About us Massage education Pathology Gift Certificates Contact us Reviews SWEDISH BOOK  This session is designed to help reduce everyday stress,  increase circulation and improve a sense of well being. Perfect  for the person who just needs to escape the everyday stresses. Pressure can range from Lite to Medium and does not focus upon  any muscular issues that you and your body may be dealing with.  50m table time (60m) Price: $65.00* (+$30. each additional 30m)
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