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Disclaimer: Information is for individual education. Treatments are to be approved by each individual's physician of choice and are intended as an adjunct to medical treatment.  For serious health issues, please consult your physician.

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There are many types of massage styles that you may have heard about or received.

Below are the most common types:

SWEDISH:  This type is very common. The intended outcome is relaxation and to energize the body releasing stress using long strokes, kneading, circular movements and light stretching of the skin. DEEP TISSUE:  This type uses a slower, more concentrated stroke to target deeper tissues and muscles. This is commonly used for muscle damage caused from injuries and after surgery to remove scar tissue. SPORTS MASSAGE:  This is similar to Swedish, but incorporates more range of motion to help athletic persons reduce and prevent injuries during and after sports. TRIGGER POINT: This massage focuses on trigger points, or "hot spots" of tight muscle fibers which form with overexertion, injury, or stress.
F.Y.I Our Signature Therapeutic Massage incorporates many modalities (types) in One Session. Hence, the therapeutic session helps to get into the deeper tissues, improves range of motion, plus more. This gives you and your body a truly therapeutic experience while relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Although, no two session will ever be alike since the body responds differently at every session, each session is designed by you and your body.
*Other noted types of modalities include: Myofascial, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Neuromuscular therapy, Shiatsu, Renewal Raindrop, Mechano-therapy, Ear Candling, Bamboo (Bamboo Fusion) Massage, and Cellulite Massage to name a few, however this is not an exhaustive list.
**Erotic, Sensual, Tantra, Prostate Massage are not true forms of Massage Therapy. These are considered prostitution In the state of Michigan, and are not legal forms of Medical Massage, these are strictly for pleasure. TBS does not participate or tolerate any such actions by therapist or client. In this event, certain criminal charges may be placed.
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