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400 N 3rd Ave Fruiport, MI 49415

Corner of Pontaluna & Airline (3rd)
Disclaimer: Information is for individual education. Treatments are to be approved by each individual's physician of choice and are intended as an adjunct to medical treatment. For serious health issues, please consult your physician.

640Rx PLC 400 N 3rd Ave Fruitport, MI 49415 Office: 231-747-9163 / Call or Text Fax: 231-247-0700 NPI: 1326506742

To stay within the scope of practice and help each individual increase quality of life through the form of touch that is personalized specifically to them and their chronic condition. Understanding the patients needs as well as complementing other care from physicians or other health professionals with holding a high standard on quality of care while providing one with the necessary treatment plan that ensembles the client best, adjusting comfort level, intensity and overall adjustment of care to their personal preferences while obtaining the same treatment effect. The success of 640Rx PLC is based on high standards of personalize care while focusing upon quality of life through touch to achieve a higher positive standards through mind, body and soul. “Healing Bodies One Session at a Time”
Meet the therapist, Jody, LMT. A state licensed therapist and a graduate of Olympia Career Institute in Grand Rapids, MI. Jody has been managing a professional practice since 2005 to assist with pain management and stress relief for a variety of patients, while continuing education. She is trained and educated in many massage modalities to help with all types of issues that one may have. Some of the modalities that she incorporates into her sessions are: Swedish, Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Re Education, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point and Reiki to name a few. License No# 7501000434